Titan Private Security Vault

Titan offers a high security facility in Tulsa with redundancy.  Titan utilizes leading edge computer systems, software and security measures, to remain competitive and provide the highest level of data protection.


The structure, built in the mid 1980’s, is 2.4million pounds of steel reinforcement, concrete.  Built to banking specifications “R5”, the 12” to 14” insulated exterior walls provide an excellent climate control interior environment for media storage and computers systems.  The structural calculation assures us that it would not be affected by a F5 tornado and would still be intact following the impact from a jet airplane.  The original vault door protects the vault today.

Storage Vault

The facility is optimal for controlling temperature, humidity, and air filtration.  It is protected by a Halon Fire Suppression System.  Our electronic vault customers have extra security with an clean power supply and backed up with a 100KW generator and a UPS system for those short term interruptions.  Bandwidth into the vault is supplied through redundant “T1” Access, cable and phone access.


8:30 am to 5:00pm
Monday to Friday
Excluding Major Holidays

Site visit(s) & tours are during
Normal Business Hours 

8544 E 11th Street
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918) 835-0435

Data Security

Titan is very serious about protecting the integrity of clients data from media storage to electronic disk to disk back ups.  Follow this link to learn more . . .



Downtown Tulsa is 7.6 miles.
Tulsa International Airport (TUL)
is 3.6 miles.
Jones/Riverside Regional Airport
is 10 miles.