Ideal Collocation Facility

Companies are taking advantage of lower cost per byte for data movement and storage.  E-business opportunities at Titan include collocation and electronic vaulting.  Titan houses web servers, backup servers, and other hardware at our data center in Tulsa, OK.  Titan’s technical facility has full redundancy on servers and bandwidth. 

The facility is physically secured and data is protected through redundant firewall and encryption.  The data center has been modified to house E-business data, backup systems and hardware. Using sound access systems, camera-monitored environs and extra security, both inside and outside the center, all safety and environmental needs are addressed.

Whether you are looking for a secure place to collocate your server or technologically literate experts, Titan is ready to help by identifying and implementing security for a company’s hardware and software.  Titan is the high-tech advantage. Our support staff can assist with server installation both onsite and off-site.  We offer scaleable space from a one-third-server rack or can accommodate special equipment at the collocation center.  They implement tailor-made solutions to your collocation requirements.

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Figure 1 - Collocation Room with Electronic Data Vault


Figure 2 - 18Kw UPS