Online Data Backup with Electronic Vaulting-

Electronic vaulting provides a safe, automated backup and archiving solution for local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).  Titan Data Safe provides the ideal, remote site for all your E-vaulting needs via the Internet.

The process is automated and significantly reduces and/or eliminates the handling of backup tapes, making electronic vaulting very attractive for the security of business or personal data storage.  The changing business climate and complexity of data networks have companies reevaluating data recovery needs.  Titan Data Safe provides businesses with the experience and expertise to optimize the security of their life blood, data.

Titan Data Safe has the solution for your data protection. Encrypted online backup is fully redundant and is automatically stored off-site.  Titan Data Safe gives a cost-effective, safe and fully automated way to restore data with minimal interruptions.

Titan's multi-platform ability and scaleable storage abilities can be tailor-made to match individual business needs. The ability to operate on numerous operating systems provides Titan with the flexibility to give our clients a sense of security often absent in this day and age.

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