Facility and Data Security

Sectioned into six separate rooms, with temperature and humidity controlled environments.  Inside the 12” to 14” concrete steel reinforced walls, floor and overhead are two rooms for tape storage, with a capacity of 130,000 tapes.  Two rooms are used for bulk storage, about 1,000 square feet.  One of these rooms is also configured for expanding tape storage an additional 65,000 tapes.  The collocation room has additional HVAC units, 18Kw UPS, a 100Kw Back-up Generator and a Halon Fire Protection System for the complete vault.  The fifteen thousand pound vault door, to the left, is secured and locked every night for addition protection.   


Titan uses exterior surveillance cameras and cardkey secured entry door with a secondary gate just inside the building in addition to a 24/7 security monitoring service.  All visitors are required to sign in and their name is verified with the onsite authorization card for the company.  All visitors entering the vault must be with an escort.


The Tulsa Police Department sub-station is 1 mile east of our location.

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